Custom Motor Design

With expert design, simulation and build teams under one roof, Ashwoods are the world’s leading systems integration specialists.

Ashwoods Electric Motors take a holistic approach to systems integration and can take a fully diesel-powered vehicle and transform it into a hybrid or fully electric vehicle, utilising the expert knowledge in-house at Innovation Valley. This involves technicians integrating complete systems into vehicles from battery pack all the way through to vehicle optimisation.

There is a design team, simulation team and build team all situated at our testing facility in Innovation Valley. Ashwoods benefits from in-house ‘dyno’ testing but can also test vehicles off-site if required.

Get Formula 1 engineers working on your project

The skillset of our advanced engineering division is second to none, with market-leading expertise from fields as varied as military, oil and gas and Formula 1.

Our close relationship with our transmission, hydraulic and controller partners means we have been able to develop complete electric and hybrid electric systems. Ashwoods Electric Motors can integrate onto pump shafts, gearboxes and brakes. These have included Elika gear pumps, Oerlikon Fairfield torque hubs, Shafer and Oerlikon Graziano axles, and numerous custom housings. These compact system integrations are accompanied by lighter and smaller components. This has a knock-on effect of minimizing the packaging of components within the automotive, marine, off-highway and materials handling industry. Consultancy work is also carried out to ensure EV and HEV systems are designed with control systems in mind. The close partnership with various inverters ensures that the system design is optimized for each and every application.

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