Elliott is our new Design Engineer, which involves developing solutions, creating technical drawings, liaising with customers and suppliers and working as a team to deliver the most value in the timeframes available.

Elliott previously worked in the defence industry, where he was designing trucks for 5 years and really enjoys solving problems.

His greatest strength is looking at the overall picture and enjoys all aspects of projects, not just the design work. His biggest weakness is that sometimes he doesn’t spend enough time on the small details.

Elliott lives in Exeter and during the weekends he enjoys climbing, running and cycling – both mountain biking and road cycling. He says it’s an “engineer’s thing” to love cycling!

If he could make anything, it would be a way of cost effectively being able to produce functional prototype parts in minutes to high precision.

Elliott also enjoys spending time in his garage maintaining his bikes and cars, much to his girlfriend’s annoyance when he walks into the house with filthy hands.’