The Ashwoods Electric Motors’ IPM (interior permanent magnet) 120 is our latest major motor breakthrough. Following the success of the 200 series, the Ashwoods team are pleased to announce the launch of an even smaller electric motor, that ticks all the boxes of an innovative, high quality Ashwoods electric motor – being smaller, lighter and more efficient than the competition.

Fig 1. Functional data for the IPM 120 series


Since the first electric motor was built in the 1820s, inventors and engineers have been working to make motors lighter, smaller and more compact. The very latest in this historic line of developments is the Ashwoods IPM 120 motor, being around 70% smaller and 70% lighter than the competition and having a peak efficiency of 94%.

As opposed to surface permanent magnets, which have been around for some time, our interior permanent motors incorporate magnets directly into prefabricated slots on the rotor. The turning force that powers a range of sectors through various applications is generated from the interaction between the stator’s magnetic flux and the magnet’s poles as well as the geometric orientation of the magnets themselves.



Being highly efficient with a scalable design, the compact and low-cost IPM 120 has a wide variety of uses and applications – typically, anything that is high performance. The 120 can be used in steering applications for the materials handling industry, for traction in aerial work platform and construction applications as well as traction and hydraulic applications in automated guided vehicles – to name a few.


The Ashwoods IPM 120 will be available with both traction and hydraulic interfaces. A range of standard SAE pump interfaces have been developed to enable our motors to work in a variety of hydraulic applications. Ashwoods also work closely with a variety of transmission suppliers to provide interfaces for transaxles and planetary wheel drives (amongst others) across an array of traction applications.

Here are all the key performance and efficiency statistics for the cutting edge Ashwoods IPM 120 series:

   Fig 2. IPM 120-40 Performance Curve @ 24V 150Arms

Fig 3. IPM 120-60 Performance Curve @ 24V 150Arms

Fig 4. Efficiency data for IPM 120-40@24V 100Arms

Fig 5. Efficiency data for IPM 120-60@24V 120Arms


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Iain has worked at Ashwoods Electric Motors since the beginning of 2016. Formally working with Mercedes Benz on high-performance powertrains, Iain obtained a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London. A member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, he is in charge of looking after all projects be it customer projects or government funded projects. He looks at how we develop new technology or our manufacturing capabilities. His LinkedIn profile can be found here.