In our last update, we showed you around our new offices, with lots of cosy break-out spaces, characterful brickwork and modern lighting. Now we are very excited to introduce the ultra-modern production area of our manufacturing facility.

This production area enables high volume manufacturing of our innovative electric motors and boasts all the impressive finishing touches and specification that one would expect from a cutting-edge manufacturing plant.

Innovation Valley enjoys bespoke machinery and production floor space, with no stone left unturned in Ashwoods’ efforts to make the facility a world class high-volume site for manufacturing. The CNC-CMM machine is in one of our specialist Quality Inspection rooms and the entire production area has high specification resin flooring. Aside from this, taking pride of place in the manufacturing hub of Innovation Valley, is Ashwoods’ stator production machine. This machine was built specifically for Ashwoods Electric Motors and had input from our Advanced Automation Engineers throughout the entire process – from concept to delivery.

Looking out over the facility are our production offices, benefitting from a view of the beating heart of Innovation Valley. Adjacent to our vast and expansive ‘shop floor’, our dedicated testing and validation rooms take pride of place. These rooms house our automated dynamometers or “dynos” as they are affectionately known. This testing facility has capabilities from 24V-700V up to 10,000 RPM and 500Nm (or more if required) and can run various on-engine condition tests for a motor up to 24 hours a day.

The attention to detail is evident in every inch of the facility, with the Ashwoods touch on everything from our custom forklifts to the racking in our large stores area and our bespoke electric gates finished in ‘Ashwoods’ green’. This meticulous approach is reflected throughout Innovation Valley with work benches and machines in our in-house ‘dyno’ room all bearing the Ashwoods Electric Motors logo, ensuring our ethos emanates throughout the facility.

Located just outside of Exeter, our manufacturing facility enjoys the best of both worlds, being easily accessible by road, train and air yet also set in idyllic surroundings. The largescale production of our innovative electric motors by state of the art machinery is finely balanced with a back drop of glorious Devon countryside. We are very proud of Innovation Valley and hope it’s inspiring scale and modernity have been brought to life by our blogposts. Next up in our series of posts about Innovation Valley will be a technical article about our stator production machine followed by a video of the entire facility and machinery.

A view of part of our production area, as seen from the mezzanine level.