Ashwoods Electric Motors new P 3000 kN press ( – or ‘The Hulk’, as it is known) is an integral piece of machinery linked to the move to Innovation Valley. This machine was built with Ashwoods’ needs and requirements in mind and has had continual and careful help in the design process and technical developments from our advanced engineering team over the last 12 months.

The cell allows Ashwoods to move into new innovative advanced encapsulation method. This is a very progressive process and cuts build cycle time down from hours to a few minutes. When partnered with our high volume stator production machine (on which you can read more here), this automated machinery signals Ashwoods Electric Motors move into high volume manufacturing.

‘The Hulk’ is capable of moulding any shape – components as well as motors – thus allowing Ashwoods to produce many of the components used in our innovative electric motors in-house. As our Advanced Automation Manager put it: 

“Any shape of plastic you can dream of – ‘The Hulk’ can mould it!”

Quite an exciting prospect when coupled with our creative and forward-thinking Directors…

Repeatability and enhanced motor performance are two further advantages of moving into advanced encapsulation, with the press allowing improved thermal conductivity in our motors. Alongside our stator production machine, the automated production line will ensure repeatability and traceability across our product range.

The press is not known as the ‘The Hulk’ without good reason. Weighing 18 tonnes we believe this one of the heaviest in Devon, and most likely the South West! The sheer scale of the press has to be seen to be believed – one of the pins holding it to the ground is a metre-long bolt. Our ‘Hulk’ truly is the strongest one there is…

The precise ‘Ashwoods’ touch remains as ‘The Hulk’ dons the distinctive Ashwoods Electric Motors logo and ensures our ethos and personality is reflected in the machinery used on our industry-leading electric motors.

We’re very happy to introduce our cell, ‘The Hulk’, and hope its scale and subsequent implications for high volume manufacturing have been brought to life in this post.

‘The Hulk’ on installation day outside of Innovation Valley!

Iain has worked at Ashwoods Electric Motors since the beginning of 2016. Formally working with Mercedes Benz on high-performance powertrains, Iain obtained a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London. A member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, he is in charge of looking after all projects be it customer projects or government funded projects. He looks at how we develop new technology or our manufacturing capabilities. His LinkedIn profile can be found here.