Frank Wheeler has been part of the Ashwoods Electric Motors family for over three and a half years, and as such is one of the familiar faces around Innovation Valley.

Our Prototype Technician currently specialises in the production of our 200-66 motors, but his influence can be felt across the Production floor as many of the processes currently in place have been devised by Frank, utilising his deep understanding of Ashwoods acquired over the last 3 years.

Frank is a Missouri native, and worked in his home state for a company that manufactured parts for John Deere. He also worked in Iowa for a CNC company, which would prove a great experience before joining Ashwoods.

As with every great story, there is a love interest. Frank’s now wife is a Devonian and met Frank online. After hours and hours of Skyping, Frank took the plunge and moved over to the Exeter area.

Nearly four years later and Frank is almost part of the furniture at Ashwoods and is happily married – we couldn’t have scripted it better ourselves!

“I love the direction Ashwoods is going in.” 

Frank has overseen a huge part of the Ashwoods journey so far, including our move into a high-volume production facility, Innovation Valley. Moving over without knowing anyone apart from his wife, Ashwoods offered Frank a great network of colleagues and friends.

“I’m close with a lot of people here, including a lot of the guys at our sister company, Lightfoot.”

When asked about the biggest differences between the United States and the UK, Frank answered, “Pretty much everything! From the language to how the roads and towns are devised.”

In his spare time Frank is a keen musician, having built his own electric guitars and being a big fan of rock music – particularly grunge. He lists Alter Bridge and Hailstorm as some of his favourite artists, having seen the former in Cardiff and is planning on seeing the latter in Bristol in the near future.