Laurie Hutchison, Manufacturing Engineering Manager joined Ashwoods Electric Motors in August 2017 – and over the last fourteen months his presence has certainly been felt across all aspects of the business.

Originally joining the team as a Special Build Engineer, Laurie was involved in fitting our electric motors into vehicles and building prototype motors, and he remains active in prototype builds to this day. He was also heavily involved in the move to our current home, Innovation Valley. From the installation of the custom specification resin floor in the production area, to the electronic gates, external wall and railings and car park – Laurie has had a hand in all of it!

After some time as Production Manager, Laurie moved into his current role as Manufacturing Engineering Manager with a specific focus on helping production with processes and systems to increase efficiency, including fine tuning techniques used by our Production Operators. There is always a continuous drive for improvement at Ashwoods, ensuring Laurie is always kept busy! Most recently Laurie helped develop the processes for the commercialised build of our 200-33 motor with balanced build stages and dedicated tooling and workspaces.

 “It’s the future. I was, and still am, excited by a futureproofed industry as the world switches to electric. Ashwoods remains as dynamic and quirky as when I joined, and that is something else which attracted me to the business.”

When not redesigning the layout of the production floor for greater efficiency or getting his hands dirty building a prototype motor, Laurie has just as hectic a life at home being a father to Grace, 5 and fiancée to Kerry. A keen pool player, representing his local pub side, and poker player, we will be keeping an eye out on Laurie at our casino-themed Christmas party!