Steve Fluhrer joins the Ashwoods Electric Motors team as Head of Quality and is tasked with ensuring the quality of every Ashwoods product that leaves the door of Innovation Valley.

Steve has been, and will continue, introducing staggered procedures across production to reduce variability and constantly strive for repeatability and high quality. The approach is multi-faceted (as is the definition of good quality), with everything from high-efficiency and customer satisfaction to delivery time and brand perception constituting what ‘quality’ is.

Prior to joining Ashwoods Electric Motors, Steve was with Goodridge in Exeter, a Tier 1 supplier (specialising in fluid transfer systems) for major OEMs in the automotive market. Steve has twenty-five years of experience in the automotive sector as well as previously working in military aerospace industries.

“Electrification is the now. I’m excited to be working with the product of today and to be apart of the journey ahead”.

Steve aims to utilise his high-volume, automated background to bring expertise to Ashwoods for quality management on a commercialised scale.

Outside of the office, Steve is a keen motorsport fan as well as rock guitarist. Following F1 closely and being treated to track days, Steve has a love of all things motor racing. His musical side comes out whenever he heads to the studio with his band. Having previously lived in London and Berlin as part of his rock career, we’re sure Steve has a few stories that we can’t wait to hear!

Welcome to the team, Steve!