Motorcycle Live 2018 took place at the NEC, Birmingham between 17-25 November. Precisely 103,702 people attended the show over the course of the week, with the event boasting all of the big names in the industry, many of which are familiar with Ashwoods Electric Motors.

One such acquaintance was Veitis, who have recently unveiled the EV-Twin electric motorcycle. With a top speed of 70mph and 100 miles range the incredibly stylish machine is powered by an innovative Ashwoods IPM motor. With a continuous power rating of 6kW – with a two-minute 16kW peak – the EV-Twin qualifies for the A1 light motorcycle licensing sub-category, meaning it can be ridden on a standard UK driving license.

The number of faces at the NEC that are familiar to Innovation Valley highlights Ashwoods’ presence in the two-wheeler market, as well as other industries that we are expanding into.

Louis Coker, Engineering Sales Manager at Ashwoods was present at the event and commented:

“It was great to see how the industry is developing – especially the trend towards electric. Ashwoods continues to be at the forefront and is expanding into the two-wheeler market”.

The 2019 edition of the show will take place at the NEC from 16-24 November so ensure you save the date!