Ashwoods Electric Motors have a dedicated, experienced and versatile Quality team. The definition of Quality is multi-faceted and includes high-efficiency, customer satisfaction, delivery time and brand perception among its central tenets. 

Every motor that leaves the door of Innovation Valley to be shipped around the world, leaves with quality assurances as a UK premium product. This is because of the hard work of the Quality team that transcends across the business to ensure a high level of repeatability and customer satisfaction.

The chief objective of Ashwoods Electric Motors is to deliver products and solutions that enhance performance, value and competitiveness for our customers.

Quality standards are at the forefront of this and, thus, Ashwoods enjoy ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, with the in-house quality systems also corresponding to certain parts of ISO/TS 16949. In the near future, Ashwoods will also become ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accredited. 

The CMM Machine lives in one of Ashwoods’ dedicated Quality Inspection rooms, and provides a high degree of accuracy and repeatability for our motors, while also cutting down cycle time. The production part approval process, used in supply chains at Ashwoods Electric Motors, also ensures quality. All of this combined equates to repeatability, value and competitiveness across everything that is produced in Innovation Valley, and subsequently; satisfaction for our customers.

The specialist Quality team at Ashwoods has already facilitated three audits by major and established OEMs in the few months since moving into Innovation Valley. We’re pleased to say that all were very successful, and the team are relishing any further audits that are upcoming.

Quality team are ensuring Ashwoods develops, maintains and improves on a mature quality system, thus futureproofing the business and further assuring customers of our proud heritage as a manufacturer of high-quality, reliable electric motors.

We recently appointed a new Head of Quality, Steve Fluhrer, and you can read his new starter blog post here!

Iain has worked at Ashwoods Electric Motors since the beginning of 2016. Formally working with Mercedes Benz on high-performance powertrains, Iain obtained a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London. A member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, he is in charge of looking after all projects be it customer projects or government funded projects. He looks at how we develop new technology or our manufacturing capabilities. His LinkedIn profile can be found here.