Mindfulness of the environment is at the very core of Ashwoods Electric Motors. An award-winning cleantech firm in the south west of England, we manufacture electric motors that are smaller, lighter and more efficient than traditional electric motor technologies. We also have an on-site advanced engineering team that works on a consultancy basis, providing innovative solutions such as our on-engine generator technology.

But what does this all mean for the environment?

In simple terms – a reduction in  output. Our electric motors are used in industries across the off-highway sector, replacing traditional ‘dirty’ motors. Our IPM motors also replace other electric motors that use older technologies and therefore offer greater range and efficiency at a reduced weight and size.

Using calculations based on the average CO2 saving across applications that use our IPM motors, such as golf cars and aerial work platforms, we can estimate how many tonnes of CO2 has been saved as a result of our customers using Ashwoods Electric Motors.

Taking in the number of motors sold in 2018 and the sales projections for 2019, it is estimated that across these 24 months, 9289.289 tonnes of CO2 will be saved. That is a big number. To put it into perspective, that is equivalent to an average lightbulb being in use for 81,571 years, or the average household’s energy usage for 715 years.

715 years ago was 1303 – the year of the Treaty of Paris that gave England the French region of Gascony (setting the stage for the imminent Hundred Years War). This was in the midst of the First War of Scottish Independence (yes, the Braveheart one) and also the year that the Avoirdupois system of measuring pounds and ounces was adopted in England and Wales. Imagine saving the same quantity of CO2 that a household would produce in that time – that is what our IPM motors have achieved, and we are only just getting started…

What makes this even more impressive is that we are still settling into our brand new, high-volume manufacturing facility. Therefore, in years to come, the number of Ashwoods IPM motors in applications around the globe grow exponentially, and so the reduction of CO2 will also be greatly increased.

We mean it when we say we are an innovative cleantech business.