Ayrton Rogers, Applications Engineer at Ashwoods Electric Motors, has somewhat deceptively been around the business for longer than most. Having been a member of staff for two and a half years, such is the rapid growth of Ashwoods, Ayrton’s tenure ranks him comfortably within the top ten longest serving members of staff (precisely eighth, by Ayrton’s mental arithmetic).

Originally part of the engineering team, as a Mechanical Design Engineer, Ayrton now sits within the Sales and Applications team as an Applications Engineer. As Applications Engineer, he liaises with Sales, Engineering and the Applications team to ensure all gaps in knowledge are filled.

Ayrton says his role has evolved and changed alongside the changing needs of the growing and pivoting business.

“When I first started, we didn’t sell motors at anything like the rate we do today. My first years I spent working on integrated engineering solutions primarily working on prototype work. For us to now be working in a high-volume manufacturing facility for IPM motors is really quite something!”

Reflecting on some constants that have remained throughout his time at Ashwoods, Ayrton points to the creativity and enthusiasm exuding from the top down. He points out that Ashwoods is a highly innovative business and no one else does what Ashwoods do, in the way Ashwoods do it.

“Just when you think we’ve done everything, someone comes up with another great idea which completely changes the whole game up again!”

Looking ahead, Ayrton says he is looking forward to continuing his learning and development at the forefront of the business. Away from the office, Ayrton is a keen racing driver and mechanic, and he explains his plans for the 2019 motorsport season.

“The Pickup is now in winter hibernation, while I am working on finishing the build of my car for next season, which starts in April. It’s had a new engine now which is much bigger, to compete in a new formula, putting out roughly 450BHP per Tonne.”

No doubt we’ll be checking in with Ayrton in 2019 to find out how the season is going!