As we start to wind down for the Christmas break at Innovation Valley it feels like the perfect time to review the most popular blog posts of this year. In what has been a seismic year for Ashwoods Electric Motors with our move to Innovation Valley (more on that later…) we have also seen our head count more than double and demand for our motors and engineering services continue to grow. As we head into the seasonal festivities, here are the most popular blog posts of 2018!

  1. New starter – Elliott Johnston

Starting our top 10 is a blogpost from way back in January, welcoming Elliott Johnston to the team. Elliott joined as a Design Engineer and is now a crucial part of the Engineering team at Ashwoods with a specific focus on the 120 series Interior Permanent Magnet motor.

  1. Ashwoods welcomes Daniele Vescovini to the team!

In the spring of this year we were very pleased to announce that Daniele Vescovini joined the Ashwoods Electric Motors team as European Sales Director. Covering Europe for the business from his base in Italy, Daniele has a wealth of experience in the industry, after spending over 15 years at C.F.R Srl covering markets all over the world.

  1. Ashwoods Electric Motors’ on-engine generator technology

The first technical article of the countdown, in September we published a post all about our on-generator technology and the upcoming Stage V regulations. If you happened to miss out on reading first time around then fear not as you can catch up here.

  1. Introducing Ashwoods Electric Motors’ stator production machine!

Way back in the summer, in the midst of the heatwave that gripped the UK, we introduced our stator production machine to the world. Our state-of-the-art stator production machine can wind up to six teeth simultaneously at 300rpm while the positioning of the wire can be controlled to 0.01mm and the automated ABB robot is accurate to 0.0mm – around the third the width of the average human hair.

  1. Working for Ashwoods Electric Motors

Coming in at #6 is the blog post all about us and why we’re a great place to work. Our Innovation Valley base has quirky offices and a cutting-edge production floor with brand new machinery. We’re putting manufacturing and engineering in Devon, and the wider south west, on the map and you can read more on why we’re a great place to be here.

  1. Innovation Valley is nearing completion

Over the spring, news and developments about our new facility were hot topics, so it is no surprise that one of these updates ranks at #5. Being published in early April the interest in the ‘big move’ was heating up, with this particular update bringing exciting news of the metric airline system, the roller Perspex shutter doors and the mezzanine installation within stores.

  1. Ashwoods welcomes Paul Sanders, Engineering Director, to the team!

Just missing out on a podium finish, but ranking very highly at #4 was the announcement that Paul Sanders joined the Ashwoods Electric Motors team as Engineering Director. Making the transition to Innovation Valley from McLaren where he was Technical Engineering Manager in Spain developing the P1 Hypercar, Paul previously worked extensively in Formula One racing and also at Bosch.

  1. Innovation Valley: We’re in our new offices!

Taking the bronze medal of most popular blog posts of 2018 is, somewhat unsurprisingly, another update about the ‘big move’. This article outlined our unique and award-winning office space, shared with sister company Lightfoot. If somehow you missed this on original publication in June, catch up here.

  1. Ashwoods IPM 120 motor is launched

Marginally missing out on top spot but proving one of the most popular blog posts of 2018 was our launch of the 120 series IPM motor. Complete with functional data, a concise history of the technology, performance curves and suggested applications, this post says all you need to know about the smaller, lighter and more efficient motor.

  1. A brief overview of IPM technology

Coming out as #1 is our article about the history of IPM technology from February. An informative and engaging article, looking back as far as the 1820s to the present day, it is not hard to see why this post proved so popular. Perhaps it will return in a different guise in 2019 – wait and see!