The vision statement of Ashwoods Electric Motors is to be a global innovator that respects no limits. That vision is rapidly becoming a reality with the in-house innovative solutions and products having exposure across much of the world. Having already established markets for our motors across the UK and Ireland, Europe and North America, we recently shipped our first motor to Africa and are looking to expand our presence in Asia.

In recent months, the global remit of Ashwoods Electric Motors has been demonstrated in trade shows, with exhibitions in Michigan, Madrid and Shanghai all boasting products from Innovation Valley in the space of a few months.

Splitting their time between the high-volume manufacturing headquarters of Innovation Valley in Devon, Ashwoods’ sales team ‘put boots on the ground’ across the United Kingdom and Ireland, Europe, North America and more recently Turkey and south east Asia.

Who are the Ashwoods sales representatives?

Daniele Vescovini, European Sales Director, from his base in Italy covers all of mainland Europe. With over 15 years of experience at C.F.R Srl in Modena, where he was responsible for markets across Europe, North and South America and South Africa – Daniele has an array of customers and contacts throughout Europe. Being fluent in Italian and English, Daniele can also speak Spanish and Romanian to a respectable level.

Jim Winchester, Commercial Director, heads up the sales and marketing department at Ashwoods and has a particular focus on the North American market. One of the longest serving members of staff at Ashwoods, Jim originally joined the business as an Applications Engineer, designing the innovative electric motors that are synonymous with Ashwoods, and integrating them into customer’s applications.

Jon Aitchison, Business Development Director, is the newest addition to the sales team at Innovation Valley. Joining Ashwoods Electric Motors from Sevcon, Jon has over twenty years of experience in global business development, having had a particular focus on the Far East and Turkey. He will continue working in these markets with Ashwoods, utilising his fluency of the Turkish language.

Louis Coker, Engineering Sales Manager, covers the United Kingdom, Ireland and Israel for Ashwoods product sales. Louis is also responsible globally for Ashwoods Advanced Engineering services, using his first-class honours degree in Mechanical Engineering to assist OEMs to reinvent their products with Ashwoods motors.

There is also an extensive body of staff based full time at Innovation Valley to complement the sales team, from engineering support and administrative organisation to marketing and promotional opportunities.

With an experienced and dedicated team spanning the globe, Ashwoods Electric Motors are tantalisingly close to changing the face of the industry worldwide with smaller, lighter and more efficient electric motor technology, as well as an advanced engineering team performing ground-breaking research and development. As the sales team continues to grow, the Ashwoods name and brand in the industry continues to grow as a global innovator that respects no limits.