Ashwoods Electric Motors are pleased to announce that it is an IPM 200-33 that is the driving force behind Noah – the world’s most circular and sustainable car. Noah, built by a team of students at the Eindhoven University of Technology, features an Ashwoods motor and fully optimised drivetrain to provide ultimate performance and maximise efficiency.

Noah is an electric city car with two comfortable seats and spacious boot, possessing a top speed of 110 kilometres per hour and a total range of 240 kilometres. Built from bioplastic made from sugar and flax fibre, the chassis and interior are made of particularly strong sandwich panels. The body is made of flax mats that are injected with a bio-based resin. These biological and particularly light materials use up to six times less energy than usual lightweight car materials when produced. At the end of its life, Noah can be recycled with the bio-composite being ground and used as a raw material and the non-organic parts being included in the existing recycling chain.

In other words, Noah is completely sustainable and part of the world’s circular economy. According to a survey by the TU Eindhoven team, there is no other car on the road that has just as low an environmental impact over its entire life cycle, not even a prototype.

Noah is a wonderful piece of innovative, cleantech engineering, and we at Ashwoods Electric Motors are very proud that it is an interior permanent magnet motor produced at our high-volume manufacturing facility in the UK that is power behind it.