For those of you who have been following Ashwoods Electric Motors from afar over the past few months, you will have noticed the rapid and sustained growth of the business. This is best highlighted with the move into Innovation Valley, but is also demonstrated with the rise in head count on site, more customers on the books and, perhaps most importantly, numerous internal promotions within our team.

Let’s start with the big one: Innovation Valley. In what was potentially the most seismic moment in the company’s history, the business relocated to Innovation Valley in June of 2018. Boasting a state-of-the-art production line and machinery, Innovation Valley is a world-class manufacturing facility and enables Ashwoods to produce our innovative IPM motors in high volumes.

Our offices aren’t bad either! A finalist in the 2018 Space Awards across two categories, our quirky working environment comes with numerous break out areas for staff, meeting rooms, and tasteful mock brickwork and mock library wallpapers. Along with the bold graffiti on the boardroom doors, it really does have to be seen to be believed!


In terms of head count, January 2019 saw nearly double the number of employees in comparison to January of last year – and this growth shows no signs of letting up. Our core departments such as production, engineering and sales have grown while new areas of the business have been born and are now expanding themselves – finance, administration, HR and marketing to name a few!

One of the central themes of Ashwoods Electric Motors (as outlined in our mission statement here) is investing within the business. This is proudly demonstrated in the rise through the ranks of many of the longer term Ashwoods employees, gaining experience, developing and progressing within the business. Acknowledging the success of our staff with promotions and rewards is a big part of what makes the senior management team tick at Innovation Valley, and a quick scan around the office reveals many personnel who have succeeded thanks to this approach.

In terms of sales and engineering projects, as you’d expect, Ashwoods is carrying out more work than ever. The advanced engineering team are working on a variety of projects for major OEMs around the globe. POs for our motors are increasing in frequency and quantity week on week thanks to our internationally-reaching sales team. Showcased in trade shows across the world (most recently the US and Germany), our innovative electric motors and engineering solutions will be proudly displayed at various shows across Europe in the coming months.

Looking back on where we were just a matter of months ago is staggering, and the best is yet to come!