We are now officially in the season of Spring, so now seems an opportune time to review which blogposts and articles on our website were the most popular over the winter period. Ranked by number of views gained, here are the articles that made the prestigious top 5 for Winter:


  1. Noah – the world’s most circular car

Ashwoods are proudly the power behind a very special and sustainable car – Noah. A real success story for the business! If you missed out on learning about this fascinating project from our friends at the Eindhoven University of Technology the first time around, read more here!


  1. My Ashwoods Life: Iain Gillam

We sat down with our Project Manager, Iain Gillam, to talk about his Ashwoods experience so far as well as his hobbies and previous employment. We weren’t disappointed! A graduate of Imperial College London with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Iain worked on a championship-winning Formula One car with Mercedes, as well as competing in high level triathlons!


  1. Continued growth at Ashwoods Electric Motors

This is a piece we are particularly proud of. With all the fast-paced developments and growth of the business, it can be hard to appreciate just how far we’ve come in a short space of time. In this blogpost, we attempt to take a step back and truly reflect on just how impressive the rapid – and sustained – growth of Ashwoods Electric Motors has been over the past twelve or so months.


  1. Ashwoods Electric Motors’ global sales team

Our sales team get everywhere. Over the past few months, we have established presence, as well as ‘boots on the ground’, across the globe. In this piece, we profile each of our sales and support team, what they do and where they do it. From Europe to North America and Asia and with in-house linguistic skills, if there’s a country that doesn’t yet have an Ashwoods motor, they will do soon enough! If this article is of interest to you, why not also read this piece about a snapshot of the sales team’s customer visits?


  1. Ashwoods Electric Motors unveils the 200-100 IPM motor

Our first motor reveal of 2019 proved to be a popular one! The fourth generation of the IPM 200 series, the 200-100 is the largest motor in this series. With a distinctive ‘fin’ design and best-in-class technical capability, the newest motor out of Innovation Valley has a peak efficiency of 96% and a maximum speed of 7000RPM. The 200-100 can run continuously at 18kW and with a peak power of 42kW, will be focused on applications such as lift trucks, ground support equipment, excavators, aerial work platforms, lawncare products, two and three wheelers and golf cars.