Ashwoods Electrical Motors is a solution and technology-driven company. We specialise in engineering projects that involve electrical drive solutions, as well as developing, manufacturing and supplying permanent magnet motors for professional and industrial use.

Our main task is to deliver solutions and products that enhance product value, performance and competitiveness for our customers.

As a customer-orientated company, we work closely with our customers to meet their engineering and motor requirements at all stages, from initial draft concepts up to fully commercialised solutions and products.

Furthermore, we provide increased value by delivering complete Axial Flux and Interior Permanent Magnet Motor solutions (including controllers etc.) at a competitive price, whilst ensuring superior quality levels through strong design, comprehensive testing and a rigorous quality system.

In addition to providing green technology, Ashwoods is an environmental friendly company that also takes health and safety extremely seriously, and we are in the process of being both ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 approved.


Ashwoods Electric Motors has a co-operation with MCT-Reman, who have been doing commercial manufacturing of motors for Ashwoods since 2012. MCT-Reman is an experienced and well reputed automotive tier 1 supplier based in Weston-Super Mare, UK.

Ashwoods also makes prototypes and small volume batches of IPM motors in-house.

Additionally, Ashwoods Electric Motors are in the process of establishing a new manufacturing site, just outside Exeter, for volume production of IPM motors. The line is estimated to be up and running in Q3 2018.

All stators are being tested with an advanced electrical tester; the rotor undergoes balancing and testing and each one of the completed motors are being run in our durability rig.

Furthermore, we are using a dyno rig where the motors are tested according to heavy duty pre-set cycles. For prototypes, we also put all motors through our vibration test rig.

MCT-Reman is quality certified according to the automotive standard ISO/TS 16949.

Ashwoods Electric Motors is certified according to ISO 9001 (2008) and is in the process of updating to ISO 9001 (2015). Our quality systems do also correspond to some chosen parts of the ISO/TS 16949.


Even as we move into new premises and fit out our state of the art manufacturing premises, our people will remain our most valuable asset. We have more than doubled our workforce in the last year and are set to grow by the same number again in 2017. We are innovative, industrious, and international and are constantly looking for more talented people to join our team.


In 10 years, Ashwoods has gone from being a one-man company to a developer and manufacturer of advanced electrical motors, with an owner structure consisting of professional investors, companies from the industry, and management.


Ashwoods established by Lloyd Ash to build hybrid vans


Ashwoods Group established


Ashwoods move into Hybrid House in Exeter (South West England)


Development of the first Axial Flux motor


Ashwoods Electric Motors established


Ashwoods starts co-operation with MCT ReMan over Axial Flux motor manufacture


Ashwoods is ISO 9001 certified


The first IPM motor is developed


The first Ashwoods IPM motor is commercialised


Ashwoods establishes new offices and manufacturing facilities at Harcombe Cross, near Exeter

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