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14 May 2019

Advanced Engineering at Ashwoods Electric Motors

The Advanced Engineering team at Innovation Valley is an integral part of Ashwoods Electric Motors. Two key strands of the business revolve around the production of our innovative IPM motors and the engineering projects undertaken by our Advanced Engineering team. This has always been true since the formation of Ashwoods in 2006 through to the present day. The nature of the projects may have evolved (from hybrid powertrains for vans to electric motors) but what remains a constant is the passion, innovation and responsiveness the team at Ashwoods Electric Motors possesses.

Working with customers that want to incorporate an electric drive into their application, the team at Innovation Valley are best placed in the industry due to the in-house experience gained in everything from Formula One, defence, marine and oil and gas. This accumulated expertise is utilised in a range of off-highway electrification projects across industries such as construction, materials handling, golf, marine, aerial work platforms, lift trucks, excavators, automated guided vehicles and two- and three-wheelers. This diversity and plethora of experience is unrivalled in our industry and gives numerous benefits to OEMs that use Ashwoods as a partner.

Acting as an onsite engineering team, our engineers have the benefit of utilising the facilities at Innovation Valley – such as our ‘dyno’ room. Projects undertaken range from basic mechanical integration of Ashwoods’ IPM motors to much larger scale full electrification programmes. The dynamism and flexibility of the team means that, whatever the size of the project, it will be completed swiftly, efficiently and with cutting edge innovation and quality.

Throughout the entire process, the Advanced Engineering team at Innovation Valley draw on various systems and programmes to ensure that, from design to production, the highest standards are retained. From the basic ‘CAD’ systems to highly specialist electromagnetic simulation and in-house prototyping, Innovation Valley is capable of fulfilling any engineering project.

As demonstrated with our various historic and on-going projects with global and established OEMs, our Advanced Engineering team is best placed to take on the challenge of electrification in the off-highway sector. For more information about this dynamic team, as well as Ashwoods’ other products and services, please get in touch via [email protected].


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