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6 May 2019

Ashwoods Electric Motors Unveils the 200-100 IPM Motor

Ashwoods Electric Motors, the world’s leading manufacturer of the innovative IPM motor, are pleased to announce the unveiling of another member of the 200 series IPM family.

The 200-100 IPM motor is the fourth generation of the 200 series and is larger than the 200-33, 200-50 and 200-66 range. A PMAC synchronous motor, the cutting-edge technology from Innovation Valley in Devon builds on previous expertise at Ashwoods, with magnets buried inside the rotor of the motor. This allows the motor to operate radially and benefit from a lower magnet content than a surface permanent magnet motor. What this means for customers is that Ashwoods IPM motors are smaller, lighter and more efficient than traditional motor technologies as well as other IPMs in the market currently.

Now officially released to the market, the 200-100 has a distinctive ‘fin’ design and boasts best-in-class technical capability. Running between 48V and 96V, depending on requirements, the 200-100 has peak efficiency of 96% and a peak power of 42kW. It can run continuously as high as 18kW, with a maximum speed of 7000RPM. At 650Arms, the peak torque of the innovative Ashwoods 200-100 electric motor is an impressive 145Nm.

The industry got a first look at the brand new 200-100 at the 17th annual LogiMAT show for intralogistics solutions and process management in Stuttgart. A record 60,000 visitors were in attendance at the Stuttgart Messe – which will come as no surprise to our busy sales team, who did a fantastic job of meeting customers both prospective and established for the entirety of the three-day show. Much interest centred around the new 200-100 motor, and it is not hard to see why!

Typical applications for the 200-100 will be just as diverse as all the Ashwoods range, with a particular focus on the off-highway market with applications such as lift trucks, ground support equipment, excavators, aerial work platforms, lawncare, two and three wheelers and golf carts. Due to its technical prowess, the 200-100 will compliment the rest of the 120 series and 200 series range but can be used in applications that need more power or torque – without compromising on efficiency and a reduction in size and weight.

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