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13 May 2019

Ashwoods Sponsored Robotics Team Makes it to the National Finals – Again!

Colyton Grammar School’s VEX robotics team, sponsored by Ashwoods Electric Motors, have made it to the national finals for the second consecutive year. The AimBot 622D Team again linked up with Innovation Valley-based Ashwoods Electric Motors to build on the successes of 2018.

The VEX Robotics Competition enables students interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects to enhance their skills and develops future engineers. The students are tasked with designing, building and operating a robot to compete in various challenges; testing teamwork, leadership and communication skills as well as the intricate engineering element.

After winning the Devon regional tournament without taking a single loss (as well as bagging the design award to boot), the team secured their place in the national final. Prior to the national championships, the team made some modifications to their robot to enable the placing of caps on tall posts. Unfortunately, this change rendered the robot less reliable than previously, so the team reverted to the original design and system for the first day of the competition. After day one, the students made one more minor alteration and added a middle set of wheels – thus allowing the robot to more easily climb onto platforms and, subsequently, bank points. They also worked iteratively to improve their autonomous code.

The team reaped the reward of these tweaks and had a very successful second day of the championship with a number of victories, before eventually bowing out at the quarter final stage in a hard fought 19-15 loss. From everyone at Ashwoods Electric Motors, we pass on our congratulations for progressing so far for the second year running. We now look forward to welcoming the students to Innovation Valley this Spring – the engineers of tomorrow meeting our engineers of today!

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