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6 June 2019

New starter – Josh Roles, Engineering Technician Team Leader

Josh Roles, Engineering Technician Team Leader at Ashwoods Electric Motors, joined the ranks of the Advanced Engineering Team at Innovation Valley from McLaren. Having been with the business for over half a year and already got hands on with visits to the Netherlands and Spain, it is fair to say Josh displays all of the core values we hold so dear at Ashwoods.

Josh started his journey at 17 in the Royal Navy. A helicopter engineer for six years, Josh continues to operate in a very ‘hands on’ role today as he runs the workshop at Innovation Valley, ensuring all projects are delivered on time and resources are appropriately allocated.

At McLaren, Josh was initially an engine builder for McLaren GT before moving into Formula 1, where he worked for three years.

“I don’t think you can imagine the fast-paced nature of the working environment and the pressure until you’ve experienced it yourself – and that is from someone who’s been in the military!”

As a mechanic in Fernando Alonso’s garage, Josh worked directly with motor racing royalty in the highest-octane environment, travelling all over the world thanks to the expansive global nature of the racing calendar.

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and to be part of the team was fantastic with the camaraderie involved, through the good times and the bad. Those are memories I will have forever”.

Sitting at our award-winning office space in the Devonian countryside, in some ways Ashwoods couldn’t be further from motor racing. In other respects, it is not a million miles away.

“The innovation and knowledge base at Ashwoods is incredible. Everyone trusts each other and there is great scope for anyone in the business to drive ideas forward and make a real difference.”

Now actually able to enjoy weekends and Bank Holidays, Josh is finally enjoying catching up on some friends and family time – as he points out, it’s been non-stop travelling since he was 17!

Living in Exeter, in his spare time Josh is a keen road cyclist as well as enjoying any and all forms of sport.

Another ex-Formula 1 employee in the team at Innovation Valley… The pipedream of an Ashwoods-powered racing car edges ever closer.

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