Efficiency is an important factor in the design of electric motor applications. A highly efficient electric motor can reduce battery pack size and increase vehicle range.

Ashwoods Permanent Magnet Electric Motors can operate at efficiencies up to 95% and offer a high efficiency throughout a large part of its operating range, this can offer significant benefits when determining an application duty cycle.

Efficiency 1

How its achieved

Permanent magnet electric motors provide efficiency improvements over older technologies such as Bushed DC and Induction motors. This efficiency improvement is typically greater over an application drive cycle.

exp viewOne of the key drivers behind Ashwoods ElectricMotor efficiency is key intellectual property. Ashwoods have 3 granted patents and 3 pending. The core IP lies within the motor sub-assemblies and the way in which Ashwoods combine advanced materials with cost effective manufacturing techniques.

Considerable IP and value lies in the manufacturing processes themselves which are both scalable and licensable.

Ashwoods offers various Interior Permanent Magnet Motors and Permanent Magnet Axial Flux Motors



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