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Aerial Work Platform

Ashwoods Electric IPM motors are put through stringent quality checks to ensure greater reliability, resulting in fewer scheduled services and downtime.

The Ashwoods 200 series paired with a range of Dana transmissions offers a best in class traction solution. For heavy-duty aerial work platforms, the Ashwoods 300 series is a multi-power option, working alongside a diesel-powered generator. Hybrid solutions are more fuel efficient than a full diesel engine, delivering the power needed to tackle rough terrain and inclines at lower cost.

An electric motor can also be used to power hydraulics. With no chains, cables or rollers to adjust, operating costs are significantly reduced.


The electric excavator has been heralded as a major breakthrough in the construction industry because it can be used in environments where traditional diesel machines are not allowed to operate, providing greater flexibility and productivity.

Ashwoods motors are compact and modular, enabling OEMs to design smaller and narrower vehicle profiles for use inside buildings and tunnelling.


Telehandlers are relative newcomers to the electrification market, with many vehicles still in the prototype and concept phase.

Our 300 series on-engine generator is a hybrid solution for OEMs looking to increase efficiency over pure diesel-powered vehicles.

As part of Dana Incorporated, Ashwoods can provide a complete solution where our motors work seamlessly with Dana electrified axles, pumps and torque hubs.

IPM 120 Series

IPM 120 Series

  • Voltage Range 24 – 48V
  • Torque Range 10 – 30Nm
  • Power Range 3 – 8kW
  • Rated Power Range 1 – 4kW
IPM 300 Series

IPM 300 Series

  • Peak Torque 45 – 360Nm
  • Voltage 48 – 700V
  • Peak Power 18 – 60kW
  • Rated Power 15 – 50kW
  • Peak Efficiency 96%