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Fork Lift

With an electric motor on board, electric fork lifts generate zero emissions and zero noise pollution compared to diesel powered vehicles, meaning they are well-suited for warehouse and indoor operation.

Ashwoods IPM electric motors are powerful and efficient resulting in extended battery life and run-time.

Pallet Handling

Electric motors can power the drivetrain and hydraulics on various pallet handlers.

The range of performance offered across the Ashwoods 120 and 200 series, makes them suitable for both light and heavy-duty material handling applications.

Automated Guided Vehicles

AGVs, or mobile robots, that follow markers to move materials around a manufacturing or industrial facility are a rapidly expanding market.

Designed for internal environments and to achieve optimum efficiencies, electric traction solutions are the preferred choice. Ashwoods motors not only deliver economic benefits, but are also compact and modular making them easy to install and maintain.

We work with OEMs to find the best solution from our 120 or 200 series ranges based on variants such as load, torque requirements, speed and size.

IPM 120 Series

IPM 120 Series

  • Voltage Range 24 – 48V
  • Torque Range 10 – 30Nm
  • Power Range 3 – 8kW
  • Rated Power Range 1 – 4kW
IPM 200 Series

IPM 200 Series

  • Voltage Range 24 – 96V
  • Torque Range 30 – 95Nm
  • Power Range 5 – 40kW
  • Rated Power Range 3 – 9kW
IPM 300 Series

IPM 300 Series

  • Peak Torque 45 – 360Nm
  • Voltage 48 – 700V
  • Peak Power 18 – 60kW
  • Rated Power 15 – 50kW
  • Peak Efficiency 96%