Ashwoods IPM motors released to the Market

For over 3 years, Ashwoods has been developing Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) motors for use in the off-highway, materials handling and automotive industries. Throughout this time, we have worked on a range of motors, some of which are specific to customer applications. Ashwoods are now releasing a range of standard products to the market.

Available models

The first IPM motor Ashwoods is releasing to the market is the IPM-L33, operating at voltages between 48-80V. This motor has a peak power of 12kW and an S1 rated power of 7kW.

The IPM-L33 is our first model in the IPM range to be commercialized. Its 94% efficiency across its operational speed range makes it perfect in applications running off a limited power supply.

The L33 is available as an air-cooled model (IP25 rated) but an IP65 rated model is also available for those applications with less forgiving environments!

Standard interfaces

Standard IPM-L33 Motor

Our standard interfaces include a Schafer axle interface, a 19mm keyed shaft and even an Elika BK7 hydraulic pump mounting plate. These standard configurations mean we are well suited in a variety of markets across a range of industries.

Future models

Keen to capture even more of the market, we are finalising development of two new models to be released in June and July 2017. The IPM-L50 and IPM-L66 are for the mid-power and high-power applications. The IPM-L50 will have a peak power of 19kW and an S1 rated power of 9kW. The IPM-L66 will have a peak power of 25kW and an S1 rated power of 11kW. A key feature of our IPM range is the fact they all have the same diameter – the only external change is the length of the motors!

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