Our company

Ashwoods is a fresh, vibrant and highly innovative cleantech company. Our technologies have won 22 innovation and engineering awards, they deliver improved efficiency, safety and cost for our customers and everything is designed, developed and built in-house.

We try to infuse our simple and honest methodology into everything we do. We do not get distracted with unnecessary engineering aspirations, instead focusing on no-nonsense, cost-effective functionality which solves real world global problems.

We aim to always be one step ahead of the competition: if anything is going to replace our technology we want it to be our next technology.


Our location is both beautiful...

We are based on the edge of Exeter in the heart of the beautiful county of Devon: we can see the fields from our offices and are only 25 minutes’ drive from the beach and 30 minutes from Dartmoor. We find life down here more relaxed, more friendly, and generally more enjoyable than pretty much anywhere else on earth yet this is no sleepy hollow.

There are numerous music and sports venues in the area (if you’re keen on rugby we’ve got season tickets for Sandy Park – the home of the Exeter Chiefs and one of the venues for the 2015 World Cup) and when we’re not working on our ground-breaking technology, we're sailing, cycling, walking, surfing, kite-surfing, jet-skiing, angling, orienteering or playing golf, squash, football or hockey. 

...And it enables a better quality of life

If that sounds too much like hard work then we can also give you the inside knowledge on which of our many local wineries, vineyards, breweries, pubs, restaurants and food shops we would particularly recommend.

Oh and did we mention the cream teas?

Should we have to tear ourselves away from all this, we are only 3 minutes from the nearest train station, 5 minutes from the motorway and 11 minutes from the airport; this means that from our offices we can get to London in under 2 hours, Birmingham in 2½ and New York in 12½ (OK, you'll have to change planes but only once).

Traditional Afternoon Tea of Devonshire scones topped with clotted cream and strawberry jam often served with coffee or tea
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Our people

Everybody says that their people come first but we mean it. Some of us have worked here for years, some have only just arrived. Some are proper Devonians and some have only lived here for 2 generations: we even have a guy from Missouri. What unites us though is our sense of fun, our shared work ethic, and our desire to bring our technology to the world. Why not look at the video below to learn a bit more about us?

Your application

Interested? Curious? Want to know more about the cream teas? Then please email us at If you’re applying for one of our jobs then please briefly summarise why you’d suit the position and include a copy of your CV.

Incidentally, if you’re looking at us on behalf of a recruitment agency then thank you for your interest but we’re already working with some wonderful people in the industry on an exclusive basis. Thank you.

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