Electric Motor Engineering

Ashwoods continues to deliver high performance, quality products in a timely fashion.

EV & HEV Systems integration

Our close relationship with our transmission, hydraulic and controller partners means we have been able to develop complete electric and hybrid electric systems. Ashwoods Electric Motors can integrate onto pump shafts and gearboxes. These have included Elika gear pumps, Oerlikon Fairfield torque hubs, Schafer and Oerlikon Graziano axles, and numerous custom housings.

These compact system integrations are accompanied by lighter, and smaller components. This has a knock-on effect of minimizing the packaging of components within the automotive, marine, off-highway and materials handling industry.

Consultancy work is also carried out to ensure EV and HEV systems are designed with control systems in mind. The close partnership with various inverters ensures that the system design is optimized for each and every application.

Image CAT with battery pack

Prototype vehicle/machine build

At Ashwoods, mechanical system design, prototype build and validation are all part of the company objectives. While our production team produce standard units, the engineering team design prototypes for customers and have them machined quickly and cost-effectively for customers. For many OEMs, Ashwoods Electric Motors offer a low-cost and extensively tested method of initializing projects and fast-tracking them into production items.


Ashwoods utilize simulations to free resources by cutting process time and allowing informed decisions to be made with the utmost confidence. The Ashwoods team incorporate the latest magnetic design technology and industry predictions to always output innovative designs. These designs are simulated with world class software to ensure that our motors are continuously improving, always several steps ahead of what is to be expected.

Everything at Ashwoods, from simple engineering products to our high-performing solutions, is optimized to the highest standards clients expect from Ashwoods Electric Motors.


Dyno Testing

The advanced testing facility here at Ashwoods is utilized to push the boundaries of electric motor design, ensuring our motors meet the highest quality and performance standards. These fully automated dynos can run between 48 -700V on production motors and prototypes, utilizing all industry leading inverters through a variety of duty cycles. This allows our Test Engineers to conduct power analyser analyses and break down efficiencies within the system. Motors undergo durability testing to ensure they will always exceed their applications lifecycle requirements.

The dyno control systems allow us to run complex drive cycles on each motor leaving the building, providing customers with useful data – validating every motor’s performance.


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