New starter – Joanne Saville, Senior Supply Chain Manager

Joanne is our new Senior Supply Chain Manager. She is responsible for the end-to-end process of receiving, sourcing and dispatching materials, looking after anything to do with goods and materials and the movement of them into the building, through production and out to the customer. Her favourite thing about it is being able to see something progress from design through to the actual finished product.

Before coming to Ashwoods, Joanne worked her way up from being a Junior Buyer to a senior position. She worked for very big brand names, and the majority of her career has always been working in manufacturing, engineering and production.

Joanne wasn’t actively looking for another position when she came across the vacancy at Ashwoods. She says she was keeping an eye on the job market when she saw it and she immediately thought ‘I want that job!’.

Joanne is from Yorkshire and all her family still live there. She moved down to Devon in 2013, when the company she was working for relocated. She likes Devon because it’s warmer – she says. It’s as nice as Yorkshire and she has the added bonus of being able to see the sea.

Joanne can juggle, has a pair of stilts, used to horse ride and she loves to cook for the people she loves. She says she has a “shoe fetish” – check out today’s pair below!

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