New starter – Mark Southcott, Production Manager

Mark recently joined Ashwoods as Production Manager, and oversees the build, delivery, performance and cost of production, as well as managing the continual improvement of the process.

Mark comes from the Torquay area and gained plenty of experience at Sifam Instruments in the town, joining them straight after school. He acquired a range of skills through position changes within the company, such as manufacturing analogue dials and nano-positioning technology in the late 1990s. Then, on the management front, Mark accomplished the complete turnaround of a failing sales team.

Mark also previously worked for Scottish and Southern Electric as a performance manager between 1999 and 2009. In this role he was part of the largest PFI contract on street lights in Hampshire, building a multi-skilled team as part of the process.

A “gut feeling” is how Mark describes the rationale behind his move to Ashwoods Electric Motors. Working with unique and interesting products is important to him, and that is something Ashwoods can offer in abundance. As is true of the entire Ashwoods team, there is a genuine excitement to be detected in Mark’s voice when describing the range of motor products and his role within the production team.

The move to Innovation Valley will not only be slightly closer to home for Mark, but also represents the ever-evolving and ambitious nature of the business.

“It’s just the right time to join” Mark said when he started – and we totally agree; who wouldn’t?!

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