On-Engine Generators

Ashwoods brings innovative, class-leading, on-engine generator technology to market.

In the off-highway industries, there are large regulatory and cost drivers, pushing vehicle OEMs to move towards electrification. One easy way of achieving this is through the addition of an on-engine generator to an existing or down-sized SI (spark ignition) or CI (compression ignition) engine. Advantages include reduced fuel consumption, operating costs, and emissions.

In certain applications, a further benefit can be seen by replacing the traditional hydrostatic architecture with an electrified architecture, coupled with an on-engine generator.

Building upon Ashwoods’ market leading permanent magnet motor technology, Ashwoods has brought an innovate on-engine generator solution to the market. This solution incorporates and compounds all of the benefits offered by Ashwoods permanent magnet motor technology. The solution offers huge advancements in ease of packaging, vehicle installation, and efficiency over best-in-class alternatives.

Ashwoods has developed this technology through a range of programmes with OEMs, developing bespoke on-engine generator solutions from proof of concept through to production prototype. Ashwoods’ wealth of experience in electro-mechanical integration grants the ability to provide full customer support at every stage of a development program and throughout the product lifecycle.

Ashwoods offers two solutions, both of which can be delivered to the customer as either a standardized solution or optimised specifically for the customer’s needs.

Both options leverage Ashwoods’ IP to enable the rotating components of the motor to be directly coupled onto the engine without the need for additional support.

  • Option 1 is aimed at applications requiring a permanently coupled electric machine. This is ideal for vehicle applications requiring engine down-sizing and/or engine boost functionality. Compared to alternative motor typologies, the addition of the Ashwoods motor’s rotating components to the engine has a vastly reduced inertial and vibrational impact. Application dependent, this solution can also be sized to crank the engine, acting as a replacement for the starter motor.

  • Option 2 is aimed at applications requiring the option to couple and decouple the motor from the engine. This allows vehicles to operate in an electric-only mode, permitting the decoupling of the motor from the engine and allowing the rotor to spin without the extra load of the crankshaft or using fuel. Inbuilt into this solution is a proprietary Ashwoods technology, replacing a traditional electro-mechanical clutch offering a reduction in cost, weight and size.

Both of the options above are able to fully integrate into the engine and can even become part of the engine bell housing to provide an extremely compact and low cost option compared to the current solutions being used in the market today.

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