Interior Permanent Magnet Motors

Repackage drivetrain

Reduce battery costs

Reduce cost of ownership

Increase vehicle range

Functional data for a standard IPM 200-33 (as above)

Peak torque  45Nm
Voltage range 24 – 96V
Peak power range 5 – 15kW
Continuous power range 3 – 5kW
Max speed 7000RPM
Peak efficiency >94%
Weight (motor) 12kg

Choose from a range of standard motors or request something custom

With a range of standard and custom motors available, Ashwoods Interior Permanent Magnet motors are integrated into many materials handling, automotive, off-highway and industrial applications. Their design is compact, lightweight and scalable, producing similar levels of performance across Ashwoods’ entire range of IPM motors – the 120, 200 and 300 series. Coupled with prestigious and market-leading controller partners, Ashwoods provides a truly innovative and complete, ingress protected, drive package.

IPM 120 Series Motor

IPM 120 Series:

The Ashwoods 120 series motors are the smallest IPM motors produced at Innovation Valley, and the smallest for its performance class currently on the market.

IPM 200 Series Motor

IPM 200 Series:

The Ashwoods 200 series motors are roughly a third of the size of competitor motors, with far superior efficiency, scalable design and high performance.

On Engine Generator

On-Engine Generators:

This innovative solution offers huge advancements in efficiency, vehicle installation, and ease of packaging over best-in-class alternatives.

Interior Permanent Magnet Motors

Ashwoods Interior Permanent Magnet AC technology enables the production of motors a third of the size and weight of typical induction and brushed DC motors, while still offering all of the benefits that accompany interior permanent magnet technology.

Ashwoods IPM motors are the latest in a long line of motor breakthroughs. These Interior Permanent Magnet motors incorporate magnets directly into prefabricated slots on the rotor. Ashwoods IPM motors are roughly one third of the size of traditional induction motors and boast as high as 94% efficiency. The unique design allows for field weakening to improve high speed performance – producing near peak power at speeds from 2000 to 6000RPM.

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