Tom Adcock, Senior Design Engineer

Tom is our senior design engineer, which means he will be in charge of coming up with design schemes for various projects that we’re working on. He will have a wide range of clients who will be looking for our standard permanent magnet motors to be integrated into various machines, such as golf carts or forklift trucks. He’s a mechanical design engineer, so works more with the physical parts of the machine rather than the electrical side.

He’s got a lot of experience in mechanical design; after he’d been to university in Bristol studying Mechanical Engineering, he started out his career at Rolls-Royce on a graduate training scheme

After finishing at Rolls-Royce, he worked for a small company called Tidal Generation for 8 years, which was also based in Bristol. At Tidal Generation, he worked on tidal turbines (which are completely submerged underwater). He mainly worked on design there but also worked on-site in Scotland, helping with the final assembly and installation.

Before coming to us, he worked for a company called Rexqoute, helping their team convert diggers, rollers and cranes for excavation work on railway lines, so they could drive on the roads to get there but also adapt to drive on the train tracks. He decided to come to Ashwoods for the career potential and our quick turnaround. He’s also enjoying the vibe of the company.

When he isn’t busy working, he enjoys playing sport – particularly cycling, golf and football. He’s married to a secondary school English teacher and they’ve recently rescued two whippets called Billy and Cassie. He drives a Ford Focus estate, which he says is big enough to fit in people, dogs, bikes and surfboards; all things that make him happy!

If he could create anything, he’d choose perpetual motion, but as that’s physically impossible he’d choose a way of having very cheap, renewable energy.

He’s currently working on a number of integrated transmissions concepts that have applications across a range of industries and markets.


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