Interior Permanent Magnet Motors

Ashwoods Interior Permanent Magnet AC technology enables the motor to be a third of the size and weight of typical induction and brushed DC motors, while still offering all of the benefits that accompany permanent magnet technology.

With a range of standard and bespoke motors available, Ashwoods Interior Permanent Magnet Motors are integrated into many materials handling, automotive, off-highway and industrial applications.


Ashwoods IPM motors are the latest in a long line of motor breakthroughs. IPM motors incorporate magnets embedded within the rotor enabling them to produce reluctance torque, this contributes to the motors being capable of producing considerable amounts of torque with very minimal magnet material.

The unique design allows for field weakening to improve high speed performance – producing near peak power at speeds from 2000 to 6000 rpm.

Ashwoods IPM motors are roughly 1/3 of the size of similar performing induction motors but with far superior efficiency > 94%. The design is compact, lightweight and scalable producing similar levels of performance across our entire range of IPM motors.

Coupled with very high quality controller partners, Ashwoods provides a truly innovative and complete, ingress protected, drive package.

IPM Motor Efficiency


  • Scalable Design

  • Radial Flux

  • Highly Efficient

  • Reluctance Torque

  • Compact

  • EMC Compliant

  • Low Cost

  • Lightweight

  • Ingress Protection

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