Ashwoods Permanent Magnet Motors

We design and manufacture smaller, lighter and more efficient permanent magnet electric motors across a range of sectors including materials handling, off highway, automotive and marine

Interior Permanent Magnet Motor

Ashwoods interior permanent magnet motors can be up to a third of the size and weight and up to 15% more efficient than traditional motor technologies. This enables considerable scope for innovative application design whilst extending vehicle range. 


Ashwoods permanent magnet axial flux motors use surface mounted permanent magnet technology to deliver high power with fantastic efficiency. Utilising a compact pancake design our axial flux electric motors is especially suited to high torque density applications.


The unique patented design of the Ashwoods interior permanent magnet motor enables it to integrate into applications in a compact and efficient manner. The option to provide core motor components only enables redundant components to be removed.

Ashwoods Electric Motors Testing Room

Engineering Solutions

Our in-house innovative engineering team enables us to offer more than just electric motors. Using simulation and an advanced testing facility we can provide consultancy and custom motor solutions.

Electric Motor Applications

The Ashwoods range of permanent magnet electric motors are used extensively in a wide range of applications. Combining attributes such as high efficiency, low cost, lightweight and compact means our motors are the obvious choice for many applications.



Ashwoods Electric Motors has two UK manufacturing facilities where all motors are produced to OEM tier 1 quality standards.

What the industry is saying about us

BizKarts Logo

We didn't know motors like those from Ashwoods existed, we now fit them on all our premium electric karts. 

Biz Karts
Chris Day, Electric Powertrain Systems Engineer

The team at AEM have proven to be capable and dynamic, and very proficient at quickly converting concepts for new electric drivetrains into robust on-vehicle demonstrators. The energy and enthusiasm they apply to new applications and development projects is highly infectious

Curtis Instruments
Mark Ankers, Vice President of Product Management
TaTa Logo

We selected Ashwoods as our motor partner because they have an ability to balance price and performance in their development methodology. 

Tata Motors
Dave Hudson , Chief Engineer, Hybrid Vehicle Systems

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