What makes Ashwoods Electric Motors so special for the off-highway and materials handling markets?

We are often asked what is so special about Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) motors and why they make Ashwoods Electric Motors better than traditional alternatives. The answer to this can often be very complex but in this post we’ve tried to simplify the key points to give a more straightforward explanation.

Electric Motors – lighter, smaller and more efficient

The bottom line is that our Interior Permanent Magnet motor technology means Ashwoods Electric Motors are smaller (by 70%), lighter (by 70%) and more efficient (by 20%) than conventional motors. That makes them a much better option for a whole range of on- and, especially, off-highway applications.

Amazingly – no price premium!

Interior Permanent Magnet motors have been utilised in automotive applications for many years. This has led many people to believe – wrongly – that Interior Permanent Magnet motors come with a price premium and cost considerably more than the traditional brushed DC and induction motors we are used to seeing.

High torque, less material and lower costs!

An interior permanent magnet motor combines both reluctance motor and permanent magnet motor technology.  Permanent magnet motor technology is well known for producing large amounts of torque for a small package, this is largely due to the magnet content and construction in the motor. A reluctance motor is able to produce its torque without the use of magnets this means that combining the two technologies will enable an interior permanent magnet motor to produce the same torque as a similarly sized permanent magnet motor but with up to 70% less magnet material. This can have a dramatic effect on the motor’s cost.

One third the size and weight but more efficient

The results produced by the characteristics mentioned above means an interior permanent magnet motor can be a 1/3 of the size and weight of an induction motor whilst staying cost neutral or cheaper for a given power rating. It will also have the performance benefits such as a high continuous power and a high efficiency that accompanies permanent magnet motors.

Ashwoods Electric Motors for off-highway applications

Of course many interior permanent magnet motor manufacturers still charge a large premium for their products however these motors are usually highly optimized with staggeringly good performance results. Ashwoods have scaled their interior permanent magnet motors from the high performance ones used in many automotive applications and targeted them at the cost competitive off highway and materials handling markets.

This approach has given us a motor that is cost competitive with traditional motor technology but offering all of the benefits of permanent magnet technology.

To find out more about Ashwoods interior permanent magnet motors and the benefits they offer in the off-highway sector click here.

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