Since the company was established in 2006, Ashwoods’ advanced engineering services have been a cornerstone of the business – from the development of a hybrid powertrain for commercial vehicles in the early days, right up to bespoke motor designs and advanced vehicle electrification projects today, we pride ourselves on being forward-thinking innovators in our industry.

Ashwoods’ Advanced Engineering Team primarily works in conjunction with customers who want to incorporate an electric drive (or drives) into an application. The team’s working background ranges from off-highway vehicles in construction, materials handling, golf and other applications, to markets as diverse as marine and oil and gas. As a result, they have an unparalleled wealth of experience in electric drive applications – from electric vehicle applications in golf and utility, to on-engine applications, to advanced hydraulics applications found in materials handling and construction.

Ashwoods Advanced Engineering Team can act as an in-house engineering team, with the added benefit of highly-specialised electric machine and electric vehicle capabilities for a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.The work the Advanced Engineering Team does ranges from quick, simple mechanical integrations of Ashwoods’ standard products, to full vehicle electrification programmes, typically incorporating ground-up electric or hybrid powertrains with bespoke electric machines. The team has experience in successfully delivering a full spectrum – from short, low-cost, rapid design and prototype projects up to multi-million dollar technology generation collaborative programmes.

The Team is a focused group of multidisciplinary engineers with backgrounds in automotive, defence, motorsport, security and life safety systems, and electromagnetics research. At their disposal, they have a full range of capabilities to take an engineering problem through from idea generation, concept and prototyping to testing, validation and production design.In the design phase of a project, the team draws on capabilities ranging from the basic – such as CAD – to the highly specialist – such as electromagnetic simulation. In the prototyping phase, the team has in-house prototyping capability, which sits alongside Ashwoods’ motor production capability. The Advanced Engineering Team can also draw on a select group of development suppliers chosen for their fast lead-times, affording Ashwoods the ability to turn around projects much more quickly than other engineering service providers. In the test and validation phase of a project, the Advanced Engineering team can draw on a full suite of in-house equipment, including motor dynamometers, thermal chambers and full life cycle durability test rigs. In the delivery phase of a project, the Advanced Engineering Team has a dedicated applications team that can aid with vehicle set up and tuning, alongside any aftercare requirements.

Iain has worked at Ashwoods Electric Motors since the beginning of 2016. Formally working with Mercedes Benz on high-performance powertrains, Iain obtained a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London. A member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, he is in charge of looking after all projects be it customer projects or government funded projects. He looks at how we develop new technology or our manufacturing capabilities. His LinkedIn profile can be found here.