Paul joins us as Engineering Director and will oversee all the engineering and development work to produce and integrate our range of motors, as well as future products. Paul joins Ashwoods Electric Motors from British Supercar manufacturer McLaren.

Looking for a new challenge, after working for the last four years in Spain, Paul wanted to return to the United Kingdom. Ashwoods was a perfect fit, and the exciting move to Harcombe, coupled with Paul knowing Director Lloyd Ash from earlier in life, meant that he was keen to head back to his roots in the South West.

At University, Paul studied Mechanical Engineering and has always been in the Automotive Industry. Having previously worked for Bosch and after six years teaching (where he met Lloyd!) Paul also spent ten years in Formula One racing for McLaren. Over this decade, Paul was part of the race team, test team, development and electrical departments.

Following this, Paul moved to Australia for three years. He started working for Bosch on ESP Systems where he was the Technical Manager at their proving ground facility, before he was approached for the role of Principal Hybrid Development Engineer at McLaren Automotive back in the UK, working on the McLaren P1. As you can imagine, this was an offer Paul couldn’t refuse! Paul puts the successful development into production of the highly acclaimed McLaren P1 Hypercar at the top of his list of greatest achievements.

The travelling did not stop there as Paul continued life in the literal fast lane in Spain, near Barcelona, as the Technical Engineering Manager for the McLaren development centre in Idiada. This position involved running the complete facility with a team of engineers, technicians and drivers; developing and testing the whole range of McLaren supercars and taking advantage of the favourable weather!

An interest in sustainability is a theme in Paul’s life, and if he could create anything it would be a house that was completely self-sufficient from an energy point of view. Smart home technology and reducing energy usage and emissions are things Paul is very interested in.

Outside of work, sailing is a huge passion for Paul, and he was fortunate to do a lot of it in Spain. As well as enjoying carpentry and general DIY, he is currently restoring a 1973 Triumph TR 6 Sports car.