Ashwoods Electric Motors’ Mechanical Design Engineer, Elliott Johnston is a keen cyclist and has been for many years. The Exeter Wheelers member recently flew to the Alps for a weeks’ worth of riding.

While riding every day for a week straight, totalling over 500 miles across the mountainous terrain near Alep d’Huez, may not sound like a holiday to some, Elliott attempts to get in one of these breaks every year – having visited the French Alps numerous times, as well as the Pyrenees.

“Cycling is actually a pretty good way to socialise – there are loads of the Ashwoods engineers that are riders, and it helps there are a lot of good places to go in the South West”.

As well as off-road mountain biking, Elliott also races, although he claims not to take it too seriously…

“Racing is just a bit of fun… until you get to the start line that is…”

As with most riders, Elliott has got his fair share of stories regarding accidents, and even one with an Ashwoods theme… Earlier this year, on an after-work ride with Ashwoods’ Project Manager, Iain Gillam, he sustained a nasty injury to his hand. In attempting an off-road jump in the Devon countryside, Elliott was semi-successful – in so much that we cleared the jump and the ridge, but also his own bicycle. A heavy cut to his hand resulted in a bandage being worn at work the next day and some gentle ribbing from the rest of the advanced engineering team.

Despite this, Elliott remains undeterred and says the plans for his next cycling excursion are currently being finalised. We are assured that without the bad influence of Mr. Gillam, the likelihood of incident is greatly reduced!