The senior management team at Ashwoods Electric Motors recently presented the vision, mission and company goals to all staff in the business. Over the course of a Friday afternoon, the Ashwoods vision and mission as well as company goals and objectives were shared with the team and the session culminated in a celebratory drink.

The team of Directors formally announced to staff that the Ashwoods Electric Motors vision is to be: ‘a global innovator that respects no limits’. That is our vision and Ashwoods has a specific mission statement that sets out how we will achieve this:

Enabling companies to reinvent their products by delivering innovative motor technologies on a commercial scale.

Ashwoods’ ground-breaking innovation should not be overlooked – technology that was born in the business has been an integral part of many wider advanced engineering projects for OEMs and customers alike, across a wide range of applications.

All of this will come as no surprise to many, with the Ashwoods strapline, ‘Innovation that respects no limits’ having recently been hand painted in large, stylish lettering in the production area. The explanation, though, was crucial, and ensured clarity from all levels of the business for what exactly the ‘Ashwoods way’ is, and why what we do is so special and innovative.

The entire afternoon provided a great time for all members of staff from different areas of the business to come together and listen and absorb the direction in which Ashwoods is headed.

We hope this blogpost brings home exactly who we are, and what we’re continually striving towards at Innovation Valley.