Internships at Ashwoods Electric Motors

This summer, Mechanical Design Intern Charlie Wright joined the Ashwoods Electric Motors team, and is one of the first, in what is hopefully a long line, of engineering internships and apprenticeships at Innovation Valley.

Studying Design Engineering at Bournemouth University, Charlie has joined Ashwoods on a year placement sandwiched in the middle of his degree. Over his year at Innovation Valley, Charlie will work on projects covering all aspects of the advanced engineering team as well as production engineering. To date, that work has included extensive testing of the 200 series and 120 series, designing tooling for rotors as well as writing build instructions for the 120 series.

Presently, Charlie is in the process of formulating a design guide for Ashwoods’ engineers when designing parts.

“Working at Ashwoods has definitely increased my understanding of engineering as I have been able to apply skills from University in a practical work environment. I have also learnt a lot from questioning the engineers at Ashwoods and they are always accommodating to share information with me.”

With the move into Innovation Valley and the subsequent implications for large advanced engineering projects and high-volume production, Ashwoods Electric Motors are continuing to grow rapidly. This means that going forward there will be more openings for internships, apprenticeships and work experience placements within the business, as we continue to look towards the future of engineering in the UK.