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2 July 2019

Electric Motor Applications

Electric motors are becoming more and more prevalent in industrial applications. As their engineering has become increasingly precise, their efficiency has skyrocketed and the proof of their efficacy is becoming greater with every new motor in use.

But what are these applications? And in which areas are electric motors – and IPMs, specifically – most frequently used?


Elon Musk might not be sweating yet, but Ashwoods IPM motors have been making waves in the automotive industry. Predominantly found in two-wheel and three-wheel applications, Ashwoods products deliver huge benefits for automotive manufacturers – including increasing vehicle range and reducing battery pack size.

Some of the most common Ashwoods products used in automotive include on-engine generators, pump motors, and motors with gearboxes.

Materials handling

Making Class II and III lift trucks more efficient, longer-lasting, and cheaper to own has put Ashwoods at the forefront of the materials handling market. Having provided motor solutions to some of the largest OEMs across the globe, Ashwoods are market-leaders in supporting the materials handling sector.

As with automotive, three of the most frequently used products in materials handling applications are on-engine generators, pump motors, and motors with gearboxes.

Golf, utility and lawn care vehicles

The off-highway markets are perhaps where the greatest number of Ashwoods motors can be found. Offering traction, auxiliary power and generator solutions for a wide range of vehicles across many off-highway applications, electric motors increase performance and reduce costs for OEMs.

Ashwoods motors with axles or gearboxes, as well as on-engine generators, can be found in off-highway applications across the globe.

Aerial work platform

IPM motors can be utilized across various machine architectures providing traction motors, pump motors and generator systems. With a global OEM customer-base and significant experience, Ashwoods is able to meet a dedicated range of applications, as well as delivering on bespoke orders.

On-engine generators, pump motors, and motors with gearboxes are all Ashwoods products that can increase efficiency and decrease running costs.


The modular and scalable Ashwoods motors offer compact and highly efficient solutions for use in various bike and scooter applications. An Ashwoods motor will offer best-in-class performance across L1 and L3 category 2-wheeled vehicles.

Two-wheel applications are the perfect fit for our innovative and pioneering 200 series and 120 series motors.

Ground support equipment

Offering traction and generator solutions for the GSE markets has changed the game for OEMs, increasing efficiency and helping customers meet packaging requirements by integrating a variety of Ashwoods products. Ashwoods partners with leading drivetrain and power electronic suppliers to provide optimised solutions.

Axle- and gearbox-fitted motors are the perfect product for GSE applications, as well as on-engine generators


Marine applications require light, highly efficient, and advanced motor technology. Guess who’s got that covered? Ashwoods motors are the perfect fit for marine applications – both inboard and outboard – due to their optimal weight and efficiency compared to traditional AC motors.

Everything from pump and gearbox motors to on-engine generators can be found improving performance in the marine sector.

Automated guided vehicles

Compact and efficient motors can be utilised to provide OEMs with increased vehicle runtime and system cost reductions. IPM motors can be fitted in various machine type applications, providing traction and pump motors. The results are transformative, reducing packaging constraints, cost of ownership and battery pack size, whilst simultaneously increasing vehicle range and performance.

Ashwoods pump and gearbox motors are used across the AGV sector, placing the company at the forefront of this revolution.

Construction equipment

Offering traction, pump and generator solutions, lighter, more efficient electric motors can provide significant improvements in performance for dumpers, excavators, telehandlers and more. On top of this, industry-leaders such as Ashwoods work in collaboration with leading power electronics and drivetrain suppliers to increase run-time, machine efficiency and eliminate packaging limitations. Electric motors, coupled with products and expertise from other market-pioneers, can provide a holistic solution to construction equipment OEMs.

Ashwoods’ AW series motor with gearbox, pump motor, and on-engine generator solutions all prevalent construction equipment solutions.

For more information on the many applications of electric motors, visit our applications page.

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