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9 May 2019

My Ashwoods Life: Louis Cocker

Our Engineering Sales Manager, Louis Coker, has been with the business for over two years having previously held the title Product Manager. As Engineering Sales Manager, Louis is integral to customer liaison and support, as he guides any new customer through the process of completing their project.

“With our innovative technology, we provide an avenue to reinvent a customer’s product. I create a proposal, incorporating both commercial and technical skills, and ensure customer care before, during and in-application is at the highest standard.”

As Product Manager, starting in January 2017, Louis used his in-depth knowledge of the entire Ashwoods range and how they can be incorporated into every application, and this helps with the large engineering projects he currently oversees.

At the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, Louis achieved a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

“I was always interested in engineering as a child, particularly aerospace. However, Mechanical Engineering gave me the best grounding in a wide range of disciplines such as electrical, mechanical and manufacturing. This does help greatly with my current role.”

When discussing Ashwoods Electric Motors, and the rapid growth seen in the business over Louis’ couple of years, he was quick to point out that while there has been exponential growth and a move to high volume manufacturing, what makes Ashwoods so unique are the things that have remained a constant.

“We’ve retained our dynamism, innovation and reactionary engineering. I think that is why we have been so appealing to our investors – such as Dana Incorporated and Curtis Instruments.”

Looking to the future, Louis still wants to very much continue his progression, both professionally and personally. Having grown into his role, encompassing commercial and technical expertise, Louis wants to keep learning from the experienced and global sales team at Innovation Valley. Outside of work, Louis can often be found in the centre circle of the region’s football pitches as a Devon F.A referee. Louis previously officiated in the Scottish FA Amateur fixtures and now is part of the semi-professional game in the South West of England.

“I’m up for promotion this year and I just want to keep that up. In 5 years, I hope to be in the Football League.”

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