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23 July 2019

Types of electric motor – the Ashwoods range

Electric motors come in all shapes and sizes – from induction and brushed DC motors to innovative interior permanent magnet motors, with a range of products in between.

Ashwoods Electric Motors is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of IPM motors. With market-leading engineering and production capabilities, Ashwoods supplies clients with motors for use in a wide variety of applications. In fact, we’ve written about electric motor applications in more detail previously – you can read that here.

But first, we should assess exactly why electric motors are the smart choice for businesses.

Ashwoods’ unique Interior Permanent Magnet AC technology means that the motors we produce are a third of the size and weight of typical induction and brushed DC motors, whilst also providing every one of the benefits that traditional permanent magnet motors offer. These IPM motors incorporate magnets directly into prefabricated slots on the rotor.

So, what are the types of electric motor you can get from Ashwoods?

IPM 120 series

Ashwoods’ IPM 120 series are the smallest IPM motors produced at Innovation Valley, and the smallest for its performance class currently on the market.

The IPM 120 series are often fitted in hydraulic systems, traction systems, and a variety of IEC/NEMA applications.

IPM 200 series

Ashwoods’ IPM 200 series is the next size up in the IPM range and are almost 33% smaller than other IPM motors on the market and boast efficiency of up to 94%. Designed to be scalable and adaptable, with improved high-speed performance thanks to field weakening, Ashwoods motors offer an unbeatable overall package.

The IPM 200 series’ pump interfaces have been developed to enable our motors to work seamlessly with a range of pump manufacturers. Thanks to our partnerships with many transmission manufacturers, Ashwoods motors are easily integrated with OEMs.

On-engine generators

Ashwoods can provide innovative, market-leading on-engine generator technology to clients of all shapes and sizes, in all locations around the globe.

Our on-engine generator solutions offer great improvements in efficiency, vehicle installation, and ease of packaging – above and beyond any alternatives on the market.

Through extensive work with OEMs, Ashwoods has developed bespoke on-engine generator solutions. We can work with you to develop bespoke solutions from proof of concept through to production units. Our experienced team can provide on-engine generators that directly couple to the engine crankshaft (offering a permanently-coupled electric motor solution) or integrated clutch systems (allowing for decoupling of the motor to operate in an electric-only mode).

If you want to learn more about Ashwoods motors, including axial flux motors, visit the products page of our website now.

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