Our in-house ‘dyno’

The Ashwoods testing and validation department is a fast-acting department that operates development, durability and production line dynamometers. The test facility runs multiple development “dynos” used for validation and performance testing, thus allowing the advanced engineering teams to evaluate every aspect of the motor design from its magnetic performance to its structure and thermal characteristics.

The automated “dynos” and systems are designed by Ashwoods in-house. These permit the use of high precision equipment to accurately test and break down efficiencies of an entire system, acquire data and validate simulations. The facility has capabilities from 24V – 700V up to 10,000RPM and 500Nm (or more if required). The programmable control and data acquisition systems can run standard and custom duty cycles for long periods of time – up to 24 hours a day if necessary. This can include on-engine applications with the ability to replicate on-engine conditions for the motor, using a temperature-controlled coolant system where it is possible to heat and regulate coolant temperature dynamically.

Ashwoods develop existing motors and new motors continually and therefore, are able to take designs from concept to simulation to prototype to production swiftly. The advanced engineering team at Ashwoods is a fast acting and reactive group within the engineering team and pride themselves on being responsive without compromising on quality.

Durability is a key part of any manufacturing and design. Ashwoods run thermal chambers, durability dynamometers and vibrational input rigs to test the longevity and failure modes of the electric motors. Ashwoods strive to deliver electric motors that offer optimum performance, durability and quality assurance.

Iain has worked at Ashwoods Electric Motors since the beginning of 2016. Formally working with Mercedes Benz on high-performance powertrains, Iain obtained a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London. A member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, he is in charge of looking after all projects be it customer projects or government funded projects. He looks at how we develop new technology or our manufacturing capabilities. His LinkedIn profile can be found here.

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